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    The Edge Collection

    The Edge

    The constant battle. The brink of destruction or skyrocketing success. The place where good meets evil, and your choices illuminate your next step. The Edge. Where we push ourselves, or crumble to our knees. The place in which we kneel before a higher power and beg for mercy or shout a grateful cheer. Never did we think that a place we encounter daily, hourly, could be so daunting. So defining, life-changing. The Edge.

    Who will you be? Will you let one false step, one wrong decision define you? Is there an edge, or simply new beginnings? Stagnant minds will never know.

    Continue to push yourself to … The Edge.

    Latest Work




    I continue to enjoy a myriad of emotions while on a visual vacation through Katie’s art! Each one-of-a-kind piece represents a story, a feeling, and/or a perspective that Katie shares through her work and through heartfelt written statements that accompany each piece. While her art bravely reveals some of her journey, it easily captivates you and takes you on a personal path that can change with each viewing. Katie’s use of a few colors, her chosen medium, and her talent combine to create a product that will accommodate alternating moods. I own Katie’s very first work of art and I love it more today than the day I purchased it! Katie also did a few commissioned pieces for our law office, and each one draws warmth and imagination to some common areas. I am definitely a future client and am excited to see what she comes up with next!

    Jennifer S. Harrison Hall Booth Smith, P.C.
    No. 01


    Honest. If I could use only one word, that would be it. It’s this quality that makes Katie Diley’s art “speak”. There are no topics off limit. They speak of social justice and divide, of love and separation, of chaos and of peace. It was a piece titled “Flight” that whispered my name when I first saw it, speaking to me of risk and opportunity and the exhilarating flight that comes with both. Katie imprints a piece of her soul into each piece. Her work is genuine and transparent and HONEST.

    Sheila Zachry
    No. 02


    Katie and I are very close friends who bonded over common values, ethics, and personal beliefs many years ago. We are 30+ years apart in age, but it was never an issue for us. The feelings and commitment she puts into everything she does made me hope I would be lucky enough to have one of her unique creations in my home on display. It, titled "Worlds Apart", is now an eye stopper in my home with a very deep meaning that is current and provocative. When you purchase a Katie Diley original you are purchasing a true gem created with love and deep meaning that you will treasure greatly each time you look at it, and it comes from someone who puts all she has into everything she creates.

    Candy Tompkins
    No. 03